17 February 2008

I Taste

It seems so easy and straightforward: sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and oh, I just read we also have Umami receptors...so: ...Umami (like in "Djeeeezz, that's a tad too Umami for me, I'm afraid").

It would be easy if not each and everyone would meddle.

First "Nose", as an omnipresent ruler in the background (more about that in a later post): "Hmmm, what's that? Smells like a freshly baked croissant!"
Tongue: "Hmm...tastes a bit oily and stale to me."
Nose: "You fool! Don't you notice anything with your buds, buddy? This hint of vanilla, that buttery smell...This is a good croissant. End of discussion"

"Eye", quick and hasty, as always: "What's that on the counter?! Oh WOW, a croissant! Still steaming and all crispy looking. Particularly nice horn shape and golden tone this one. I want it."
Tongue:"Hmm...tastes a bit oily and stale to me."
Eye: "Why are you ALWAYS such a spoiler. If the thing looks good, it tastes good."

Next is "Touchie": "Hi guys, what are you up to? Oh...that's fab, a croissant! Crispy outside, soft inside and the best part...its still warm! Yummeee!"
Tongue: "Hmm..tastes a bit oily and ....."
Touchie: "Oh Tongue-dear, if you would only allow yourself to relax a bit and open up to the experience. You'd feel sooo much better. Promise. Remind me to give you the address of my Chiropractor next time. Well, see you 'round - gotta dash - my Butoh class is waiting! Enjoy the croissant, dear!"

Oh, and last but not least, the-Mindset-in-the-background called "Eating Culture". Could come up with things like: "Croissant - French - That weekend in Paris with X!- I'll take it". Or: "Croissant - Fat - Oh well, just this one", Or: "Croissant - quick snack, great filler - could I get some ketchup with it?", Or: "Croissant = not vegetables - I take it" , Or: ....you get the picture...

Anyway, when it comes to Eating Culture and taste - it's not clear to me what's worse: the Ketchup Mafia or the Gourmet Dictators (look at this - in German only I'm afraid).

Strawberries all year round and minivegetables galore or rather local, seasonal produce with a non-genetically-manipulated-bio seal? Drive in dinner, telly-dinner, microwave dinner or homecooked dinner? Chip-chip-double-chocolate-chip-cookies or vitamin enhanced soya drink? Oh well, whatever... in the end Mum's cooking (or lack of it) tastes best. Always. And for far too many of us a hand of rice or maniok is paradise.

I had this for dinner today. My Mum's never cooked it though. We didn't have that during the seventies in Holland.

Photo courtesy of the Marine Fish Picture Gallery as I forgot to take a picture of his cooked family members on my plate. It smelled like fish, looked like a stew (messy) but tasted deliciously umami. Buon provecho.


Fledgling said...

Umami? It reminds me a bit of the taste of Scotch tape (Tesafilm). Or paint. But not in a bad way.

Cuddle fish. Very friendly and curious critters. I could eat a sea jelly. I don't know if I could eat Cuddle fish. I feel like I've had a moment with a cuddle fish before. But then, I've also stroked a many milky cow noses and later shish-kabobbed their bits without much pause.

I think vegetarian is on the menu for today ... and a great croissant!


Anonymous said...
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