14 February 2008

I hear.

As light travels quicker than sound, we see before we hear. Yet sound, to me, feels closer. More intimate. Be it cracking thunder or a soft whisper, sound and silence are like blankets, surrounding me, enveloping me, often comfort me.

As vision pushes me out into the world - provoking oohs and aaahs, leaving a thousand impressions scattered all over my brain's visional cortex (yes, I looked that up ;), which I then need to sort out again, sounds makes me turn towards the inside. Maybe that is what carries them more directly into my heart.

Therefore, I think it is a true crime to bereave a people from its music, like they tried in Afghanistan and in many other countries (Fools! Don't they see they will never succeed?).

Therefore I love, love radio plays. (Oh the sound effects of a comb!).

Therefore I travel the world in one evening, listening to Mari Boine, Macy Gray, Mory Kante and Mercedes Sosa. At least, I travel to what their world sounds like, their minors and majors, their instruments, words and voices.

Therefore I múst dance when I hear a jig. C'mon ladies, not so shy - let those skirts fly!

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una quilter said...

This post made me laugh and cry at the same time. The miracle of sound! And the joy of dancing! Thank you.