7 February 2008

From the series - you never know what you're gonna get:

With a Craft Swap.

In this case: Post from the US, filled with Crafty Pudding stuff, resulting in a Very Happy me.

Since my early blogging days and first Flickr browsing sessions, the idea of swapping stuff with other crafters somewhere in the world seemed fun to me.

However, the right opportunity just never seemed to come up.

I was either too late (huh? Is it February again?), not skilled enough (anything to do with quilting, crocheting, knitting, artful card making etc.etc.) or too stingy (What? You want me to trade some of my vintage fabric swatches with you? The ones I rummaged through piles and piles of moldy smelling flea market mountains for? The ones that lie hidden in my stash, gathering dust, waiting for their big moment? No Way!)

But then the invite to this one came around, and I thought that was just the right size for me as a beginner. I got some extra beginner's luck as well, as my partner turned out to be Magda from Crafty Pudding, who's stamps and gift tags I've been eyeing for a while. I love her pure style - which is so contrary of what I tend come up with.

Thank you Magda for your wonderful package!

I just hope my part of the swap will arrive safely too.

Oh, by the way - the blotchiness of the stamps is because of my buy-2-get-1001-inkpads- shopping mistake.


1 comment:

Christine said...

Wowww Diana, what exceptionally beautiful stamps. Their pure style remind me of Japanese Art. And no, your stamp results are not blotchy, it's rather called vintage style ;O)

I do envy you now a wee bit of these treasures ... I hope this is okay *LOL*