8 February 2008


I probably win the contest of "The Most Meaninglessness Post of the Year". I feel a bit wallflowery today. But writing it down already helps.
At least I have the perfect picture to go with it.

Must be because they put this into my eyes today.

EDIT: OK, this eye drop thing probably needs some more explanation. I had it done for a routine check and the result is that your pupils are dilated to the maximum so you look like a zombie for a couple of hours. Yesterday also happened to be very a bright sunny day overhere and all that light was a bit much for my poor eyes. In the afternoon I did some errands with Miss A. and I SWEAR some people looked at me with a strange expression in their face thinking: "What is she on? And with a small child to take care of...tsktsk." Funny. Kind of...

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Bernadette said...

Hello and greetings from Austria!
This seems not so meaning-less to me, I like your posts!
Good night from