25 January 2008

From the series - you never know what you're gonna get:

Chewing gum and rub-on tattoos.
In this case: Pretty colours, nasty guy, happy kid.

What did you get today?


Nic said...

patrick dempsey! *mmmmmmmhhhhhhhh*

;o) nic

Nic said...

oh! OK that was today... 27th...

sorry! but i'd like to have patrick dempsey EVERY day! *lol*

p.s. don't tell my husband...

crisl said...

colle bilder gibts in deinem blog!besuch mich doch auch mal!

knittingajour said...

Hi, your ribbons arrived quick and perfect, thanks!
The're soo nice, I just look at them, and don't dare to use them!

Thanks for the moonstitches link, do you know the purlbee? They are on Flickr, and have a blog/site, just google them!
Dank je wel!