4 January 2008

5 things to look forward to in 2008

1. The Olympics. Yes, I'm a fool for this megalomanic over-the-top sports event. I watch ALL of it. Even an odd minute of weight lifting now and then (although this one really scares me). An extra plus this time: can't beat the chinese when it comes to spectacular opening/closing ceremonies! Only downside: the olympic mascot. Always the mascot.

2. Blog reading: be it daily, weekly or just now and then it's always a pleasure to see all that creativeness coming from Pimpinellahausen, Fledge's eagle eyes view on life (joining head and heart) , Moonstitches' "simple" yet oh so refined aesthetic, Anneke's poetry and humour, Diba's perfect matches and many, many more great sites. Thank you girls!

3. No more early morning driving to bring my children to child care/kindergarten. I'm no good at dealing sovereignly with slow garbage trucks, meandering pedestrians, bikers who insist using a ridicously low gear (picture legs pumping like mad and yet not see the bike making any significant progress), whimsical fellow drivers who are clearly, clearly wrong themselves but point at me! It's a lot to take before 9:00 AM without having enjoyed point 5 yet.

4. Preparations to travel Down Under with husband and children. For 2 months. I hope.

5. Coffee. Oh...and some of this now and then:


CresceNet said...
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Nic said...

i am completely unathletic so... i don't care about #1, i'm afraid...

but #2 makes me dropping a curtsy! thank you, this is soooo nice! :o*

#3 i do unterstand... really!

#4 is so exiting!!! good luck for everthing you plan to do! :o)))

#5 i agree... ;o)

it's not too late for wishing ahappy new year, isn't it?


Oh, thank you so much. I feel very honoured.
About the mascots you are so right, they do everything to avoid cuteness, they are always plain ugly. Wonder how they come up with those designs...