18 December 2007

Awaiting Christmas - part 3

Serious cases of LMSC (Last Minute Sisyphus Crafting) and FPSD (Frantic Preparation Stress Disorder) over here. Not so well organized. As usual.

First things first though - I promised (myself to get) Nancy some Christmas market pictures and, in my last post, I told you about Miss M wanting to sew.

So the christmas market - I went to a nice one last week that had a medieval theme going on. Great enterainment: story tellers, acrobats, fire-eaters, magicians, music, cute stands where you could buy your own sword and medieval gowns made of mud coloured scratchy wool. Unfortunately I forgot my camera.

Yesterday it was shopping time and I strolled by the Christmas market at the Marienplatz. Now, you go and try to make a nice picture over there. One capturing the essence of a cosy Christmas market - you'll probably still be waiting for "The Magical Moment" long after Easter. Sorry Nancy, I have a feeling I'll have to leave this one to another year...

Miss M. ,in the mean time, made the cutest (I think) gift tags for her two "Omas".

I'm sure they will be delighted seeing and reading them. This really started off some grand scale tag and card making in our house. So, although I don't have a present for everyone yet, there still are no cookies, there is no wrapping paper, the inspiration section of my website looks like a desert, the tax office is waiting....it's all good because: I have my gift tags ready!

A very happy Christmas to you!


Anonymous said...

Heee Diana,.... heb je links gehad van je blog en je Ribbons and Crafts website...mooi hoor!!!!! Heel leuk om te zien en ik ga straks alles eens heeeeel goed lezen!!! Ik moet mijn blog nodig updaten, maar ben veel te veel bezig met andere dingen... hyves bijvoorbeeld, kijk daar eens op, staan ook nieuwe fotos op. We gaan snel weer eens bellen en mochten jullie met kerst in de buurt zijn...ALTIJD WELKOM ook logeren etc!!! Tot gauw!!!! Groetjes aan Peter en de meiden!!! Monique en de mannen....hihi

de vliegende koe said...

Hallo Diana, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. A Dutch girl in Bavaria! Nice to meet you! I will come back to visit your blog!

Fledgling said...


90% of my Christmas shopping experience this year was spent between dot-com here and dot-com there and dot-com this and dot-com that. The magic of American retail marketing hasn't really worked on me. I have sun, surf, mountains, forests, deserts and ubiquity of sushi (all good things), but, well, Stadtbummel is a completely foreign concept. I know a little bit of Munich, I know a little bit of Amsterdam, I know a little bit of London, I know a little bit of Barcelona, I know a lot of Hamburg ... European cities are so, so ... "European"! Fashions in window display to dream over, folks dressed up like Escada-o's, the hum and clink of a busy café ... and cobble stones are cool, they just are! See?

It sounds like fun. Show us the goods?

Happiest holidays to you and yoru family! -N.

Nic said...

mein christmas shopping sah ähnlich aus, wie nancys... sehr entspannt.

trotzdem kommen mir LMSC und FPSD wie seeehr gute bekannte vor... ;o)

diana, ich wünsche euch ein buntes und fröhliches weihnachtesfest!!!
herzliche grüße