12 December 2007

Awaiting Christmas - part 2

Alas, Nancy - no "Weihnachtsmarkt"- pics for you. Yet. It's raining in streams here - no snow in sight, looks like we are having a "globally warmed" Advent this year.

There is still plenty of anticipation going on though. You probably know that "Rain" and "Crafting" are exponentially linked. So I have been eating a lot of these:

Which, for several reasons, is a BAD form of anticipation (Boy AM I GLAD you cannot actually see the amount of grams this package contained!).

While making this:

Which, for several reasons, is a GOOD form of anticipation. Especially when handstitched. Apparently my fumbling with needle and thread looked interesting enough, as promptly miss M. wanted to sew as well (OK, she's 5 - many things look interesting at that age). So today, we did sew - more of that later. Tomorrow: I must go out and buy presents. Wish me luck!

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zeekomkommer said...

en? heb je al kadootjes gekocht?
mooi vestje trouwens!