5 December 2007

Awaiting christmas - part 1

While I ran some errands in town today I took my camera with me as I was looking for some shots of what I believe is almost the best part of Christmas: the few weeks beforehand.

The anticipation. The secret joy when finding a particularly fitting or lovely present for a friend or family member. The disbelieve at some decoration items. Testing if the "Stollen" and "Speculatius" are still as good as last year etc.etc...

Then I ran into this lot. Look at them.

They are ready for it. Some of them will bravely master a hot belly and prickly incense smoke leaving their mouths, others will put their teeth into many a nutshell. Time and time again, dreading the possible event of hitting on a pecan or a stubborn hazelnut. You go boys! God knows, you ain't pretty but what would Christmas be without you?

1 comment:

Fledgling said...

Oh, pleeeeease don't forget the Weihnachtsmärkte. Glühwein und Mandelpralinen. Scent of Bienenwachskerzen.

I'll get nostalgic. Advent in Germany is beautiful. Really special.

Thanks for the words from Jonathan L.S. I hadn't thought about him in years. Decades, probably. Must go find Jonathan.

Schönen 2. Advent, N.