28 November 2007

Polyester Princess Land

Let me tell you about Polyester Princess Land.

Some days we wake up, totally innocent and moderately rested and we find ourselves in the middle of Polyester Princess Land. This is not a good thing. Everybody is excited but nobody has a good time. Of course everything is pink and fluffy and the noises in PP land are loud and mainly consist of two vocals: "N" and "O" (spoken in that order) or "Igiiit!".

"Girls, it's time to get up - I'm coming around again in a couple of minutes!"


"Let's put your new t-shirt on today!"


You need a vest, it's freezing outside!


"Don't you want to check out the fresh snow?"


"TV time is after dinner!"


"Food is not "Igiiit". Especially don't say "Igiiit" when you have not even tried it. Just a small piece."


"Would you please put that back where you found it?"


"Come on, let's clean up this mess."


"Give that back to your sister"


"I'm staying here until you're finished."


"I'm leaving. Now."


The trouble with visits to Polyester Princess land is that when you try to tackle them in a different way - say, by being positive and focussing on the word "YES", they tend to occur more often and before you know it you'll have a permanent residence permit. So, I'll be strong and think of the big picture: big, big picture - happy, responsible, balanced children.
I mean: would you let your kids go to kindergarten in a pink/white/golden, faux velvet polyester princess dress trimmed with a metal hoop so it stands out like a derwishes frock in full action? NO way! Not until Carnival has arrived.

Goodbye PP land - until next time. Not too soon I hope.


Heleen said...

Children....aren't they the greatest creatures on earth?!...But sometimes....

Christine said...

I so had to laugh about your post. You know, until I had child no. 3, I would never have allowed one of my kids to go to kindergarten, dressed in carnival stuff, without acually having carnival season. Since I have child no. 3, I´m much more relaxed. There´s not much that unnerves me. I actually think it´s funny when she goes out dressed in a fancy carnival dress ;O) But as I said, it took kid no. 3 for me to chill ...

A little bit late, but nevertheless congrats to your own online-shop !!

Have a nice and quiet advent season !!