1 November 2007

It's party season. And I'm not talking about Halloween, Saint Martin, Saint Nikolaus, Christmas, New Year's Eve and good old Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar (who come to visit us every year on the 6th of January and request lots of "Maomam" or "Chupa Chups" in exchange for a prosperous new year).

No, I mean my family's Biiirrrthdaaaay.
That's right: Biiiiirrrthdaaaay. November until the end of January is one big birthday. Miss M, my mother , my brother, my husband, Miss A. They all celebrate during this part of the year.

Dear family, I love you all very, very much. But WHY? What's wrong with spring? Or August? It is possible to have one's birthday during that time of year as well. Look at me.

I know, I know, I haven't been exactly careful about spreading things either. Somehow I always ended up walking to the hospital (only 10 minutes away in our case) with a fine layer of snow covering the pavement and another wintery birthday coming up. Oh well, I'm ready for it. Tomorrow I'll start with my sweet M. who turns 5, and the truth is, of course, that I hope to celebrate many, many more birthdays to come, with all of you.

Here's to your Biiiirrrthdaaaay Lèn, Mama, PJ, de Baas and Annemachichichi!!


Dibabo said...

My Mother , my father, my sister, my husband, my mother in law, my cousin, my other cousin, her husband, my sisters baby will, my brother in law, 3 friends of mine and of course, me...

my children are summer-children...

Feel with you,

Fledgling said...

One year, I sent birthday cards to everybody I knew on just "some" day. I think it was in March ...?

Happy birthday, Miss M! I wish you lots of happy surprises and smiles on your big day!


Christine said...

Think of the bright side of your birthday marathon ... it´s over in just a few weeks ;O)

Have fun celebrating !!


P.S.: Happy belated birthday to your little miss ;O) Time flies, don´t you think ? My youngest daughter was 5 on 29 October. I´m still surprised that she´s no longer my baby ...

Anonymous said...

My baby has just turned 20... And yet I still feel 21 myself. August is our family month of birthdays.My mother, 2 sisters,1 brother and 14 of my cousins. And also my daughter... whew!!

Fledgling said...


So that's it! You are turning crafting into your career! I had a notion your change in direction might have been toward furniture restoring.

You have, in my opinion, a spot-on aesthetic. You will soar!

Just all the best of luck and many happy adventures!