21 November 2007

At last...

A couple of months ago in June I wrote about my job. Or rather, about how and why I quit my job. It felt good at that time and today, as I write this, it still feels good. It does because it opened up my mind, reloaded my energy and got my creativity running again. All of this I could invest in my family and in setting up my own business. So that's what I've done over the past 5 months. I set up my own business.

If I would have looked for a new job with an employer telling them what I would like to do, they would have looked at my CV saying: "Uhm, yes nice, but where can I find the word "design" in your education? Where does it show me you can actually SELL something? I mean DID you ever SELL something? Marketing, Customer Service do you have a reference? A clue? Anything?"

And I would have said something like: "No, but don't worry, I can do it. By the way: I have two small kids, so it would be great if I could work flexible hours...."

So, I just went ahead doing my own thing, and by chance, around the same time, I met Edith Minne, the wonderful owner from Renaissance Ribbons. She was looking for an opportunity to export to Europe. I immediatley fell in love with her ribbons and "volunteered" on the spot. Now, 5 months later we are ready to go. The site is up, the shop is open and the first fair lies behind me (that was fun!).

If you like, go and have a look at www.ribbonsandcrafts.com. It's not perfect, I have given up on that, but it's me and I love doing this. Thank you Edith for giving me this opportunity, thank you all dear family for your support!

Bits and pieces of this will appear on this blog now and then, as they are part of my life and part of what keeps me busy. But I won't overdo it. The site is my business and this is my blog - it's as simple as that.


doro K. said...

i'm really pleased to have the possibility to buy such wunderful ribbons.

ich werde den link gleich weitergeben und wünsche dir viel spaß mit deinem kleinen shop.


Fledgling said...

Glückwunsch, Glückwunsch, Glück-Wunsch!

This is an AWESOME idea! The site is gorgeous! Congratulations on embarking on an adventure from your creative heart!

Best, best, best wishes from another highly qualified, very experienced design expert, who also knows exactly how to do everything right! (ha!)


P.S. I'm linking you. If you don't want me to: TOUGH RIBBONS! :*

Fledgling said...

Okay: Small Internet. So I go lurking around to find out what Renaissance Ribbons is and who LFN Textiles is ... And the most current post on LFN's blog mentions my HOME TOWN! And this isn't a huge town, either. I have a stack of O&H kringels in my kitchen to prove this is my home town (the only place you can get them in the U.S. ;-), which are supposed to last me through the holidays (like that's gonna happen). I'm obviously on a sugar high ...


Kate said...

ooo - I just discovered LFN textiles today and have loved reading your blog and looking at your shop! will enjoy it even more when I can read it in English!
you are very brave to give up work and start your own business - it's a dream to be able to make things all day and make money from it! good luck1

Nic said...


das ist doch ein toller schritt... und er fühlt sich garantiert SEHR GUT an! ;o)

viel erfolg und liebe grüße!

Antonia said...

Dianaaaaaa! You are simply unbelievable. So is my husband, who crashed our PC 2 months ago and made us lose all our contacts. But thank to Jeanie I am back on track and now I read this about you. Great Suff my friend. We are on our way back to Germany next summer,n ot Munich yet, but Kempten, which should (with my driving) only be 90 minutes by car. So I really hope, we can meet up more often.
Big Hug