19 September 2007

The remains of the day...

It's in the air. I see piles of wood being delivered on the sidewalks. The farmer's market offers apples, nuts, pumpkins and mushrooms of all kinds. My dad's birthday is coming up and the city is getting ready for this year's "Oktoberfest". Sure signs of Autumn arriving.
Here's to you sweet summer, one last time this year. I tend to think you just rushed by, but looking back at all the pictures I took, I see that's not true. We soaked up the sun, ate outside all we could, went to the lake and the beach, enjoyed everything you had to offer and it has been good.

Thank you.


debi van zyl said...

it sounds really lovely! i love summer, but the onset of autumn is truly lovely. great blog!

Fledgling said...

"The earth laughs in flowers."

- e. e. cummings

Thanks for the laughter.