30 August 2007

intermezzo ...

M: "...Oy! What you're doing!?"

A: "I'm making cakes."

M: "No you're not."

A: "Yes I am. I'm making cakes. Bumcakes."

M: "What?"

A: "B.U.M. cakes. Bumcakes."

M: "Djeez, you're a loony d'you know that?"

A (talking to herself) : "Hmmm...if I could just think of a way how these cakes would actually stick..."


Fledgling said...

Bumcakes? Are those what I think they are? Hee hee.

Reminds me of a tiny, not-more-that-a-baby Anna in her tiny, not-more-than-a-baby voice announcing with a big giggle,

"My po-po went POP!"

Gosh, kids are great. Nothing better.

Enjoy! -N.

paulapü said...

; )
lg maiga

Christine said...

Lovely scene *LOL*

L., Chris

Little Seahorse said...

I am still giggling, I think its the photo as much as the text. Those 2 girls are going to have soo much fun growing up together..and u 2 watching them.
Great stuff.