2 July 2007

The perfect breakfast

1. A mediterranean one: just sweets and coffee.
2. Is it true? Am I just reading the newspaper here? In peace?
3. Having a whole day in front of me 100% free from boring things.
4. No sounds of hammers and no drilling, as the carpenter is not coming in today to finish the doors. We waited a year, another extra day (or two) is just fine.
5. Not being annoyed at all about the perfectly horrible weather.
6. Finding out there is a nest of young blackbirds just underneath our balcony and seeing mum and dad Blackbird getting all excited about the foodsupply and my presence. Need to be considerate with our new neighbours.
7. Noticing how my mind is decluttering and ideas and plans for my new venture are slowly filling the gaps.
8. Consider attacking the Himalaya of laundry waiting to be ironed. Keep it for later.
9. Play with the idea of going to the gym. Remember just in time why I hate gyms: I'm an outdoorsy-no-sports-in-sticky-rooms-please-girl.


kool_ankur_007 said...

hmmmm.i wud like to eat 1 day.

Diba said...

...to start in a perfect day...


Wishing you another perfect day,


who loves Heather Small.