11 July 2007

Of "pork full flavour" and "beef slow cook"

A couple of years ago my husband had saved up quite some holiday. So, although we already had a wonderful vacation on Canada's west coast he still had plenty days left to cover several weeks off at Christmas, Easter and Maria Himmelfahrt for the coming two years. So I said to him he should just go ahead and travel somewhere without me before he'd loose the days. (Secretly thinking, that would give me the chance to do some girly things without his meddling and placing "funny" comments).

"OK", he said, "As a matter of fact I was kind of thinking of going to Burma for two weeks". After a short silence, in which I battled down an ugly greenish Monster-of-Envy, I said that was a fabulous idea and he should go.

So after two weeks he came back enthusiastic, tanned, full of stories and with rolls and rolls of film. He had just finished telling me how good the food had been and how wonderful the service at the places he stayed, when he started digging into his backpack and handed me a small plastic bag. "Oh, before I forget: I brought you this!". The grin on his face should have warned me.

"Ain't that great? So you can try out some recipes (read: cook a 10 course Burmese dinner for me). "Don't forget to read about the entertaining bit!".

I must admit that, after he emptied his backpack, some more treasures appeared amidst the dirty socks and bottles of mosquito spray. There was beautiful Burmese lacquer ware, a fantastic painting and a handwoven silk shawl...Softened by all these goodies, I dived into Mi Mi Khaing's booklet and discovered a refreshing, authentic and above all very good cookbook. Not just listing many traditional Burmese recipes but also giving an insight into daily (non-political) life in Burma. "Full flavour pork", "beef slow cook" and "fish pellets" are now regulars on our table as well as some of the delicious salads and sauces.

The reason why I bring this up here and now is that it reminds me about the other things I have "simmering in the crock pot" right now. The period of "slow cook" after I finished my last job is coming to an end. and I hope things will reach their full flavour soon. Above all I want to spend my time on things that are real, authentic and well,... just pretty.

I have laid my hands on some nice crafting bits, new to the European market and I'll show you my latest efforts on the bag front - If there's any interest I might put them up for sale (as I pretty much covered all the need for handmade bags for the next 10 years within our four walls). I hope I haven't mixed up the ingredients too much, and please... let me know how it all tastes...;))

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