13 July 2007

Material mix

I picked up some felt the other day. It has been ages that I've worked with felt but It's always been one of my favorite materials. It has a nice texture, the colours have great depth and, best of all, there's no fringing! I think the first bags I ever made were small felt shoe-bags. I should try and dig up the details on those again. They must be lying around in some dusty corner of my brain. (Hmmm makes me think of the many dusty corners in there. Like the whole corridor dedicated to the french language (I'll buy a Marie Claire Maison today), the tiny room for physics (lost the key to that one) and an english pub full of good old friends (I need to DO something about this one)).

Anyway, my initial idea was to buy a punch or two and try them out on the felt. But the ones for paper can't be used for fabric and the general problem with punchers is that you can't reach the center of a larger piece of material (does anybody know of a pattern puncher that can do this? I guess it needs to consist of two separate pieces...).

In the end I turned to the way they did it in the pre-consumption era: Made some good old templates out of cardboard and then happily stitch away. I didn't know embroidery could be so much fun. I do have a couple of fár to big cross stitch patterns, which are wáy above my level and patience reserves. But I always get stiff shoulders, a sore back and teary eyes so I try to avoid falling into that trap. This small free hand stuff however, seems to be just right for a person with the attention span of a fruit fly. Now that they are ready, I'll stick them on some fresh fabric and swirl them in the mixer until they turn into cute bags. Shouldn't take more than a minute, I think. I'll eat a pear in the mean time.


Fledgling said...

So after the 30-course Burmese feasts you're finding time to make stuff? These are so adorable; a great in-between, or even beginner project.

Just don't throw anything away from *those* dusty corners. You never know WHEN some heretofore useless thing will come in handy. That's true for my head and my garage. Wish I had some dusty French somewhere, even in the garage ...

Darling cookbook, too.

Have a great day! -N.

Di said...

Hello! I love your felt creations - the colours and the fact that they are juxtaposed against contrasting fabrics! The pears are particularly beautiful!

mooi hoor... said...

Thanks Di!