18 June 2007

the weekend flew by...

Saturday morning I found two birds in the house for whom I needed to build a nest and which had to be fed with bird-style food. The biggest one then decided to turn into a dinosaur baby and wanted dinosaur food to go with it.

Then before I knew it they turned into mermaids. After a while I got a bit worried from the colour of their lips (BLUE!) but still: I could only tempt them out of the water by waving some chocolate at them. So now it's proven: Mermaids do eat chocolate.

Next thing I knew, the mermaids actually liked the idea of running around on two feet and magically turned into princesses wearing fake pearls. Of course I had to play the wicked witch trying to steal their treasures.

At the point when I almost, almost got hold of the forementioned treasures the princesses suddenly lost interest in all things materialistic and wanted me to be a maker of hot dogs which involves an elaborate procedure of rolling little-girls-pretending-to-be-sausages into a fluffy duvet blanket. Of course they don't lie still, like hotdogs normally do. At this point we got back to where we started from (see first picture). And we all fell into a deep, exhausted sleep.

Oh...there was some thrifting, cake eating and barbecue-ing this weekend as well. Just perfect.


Fledgling said...

These photos really capture the day! Thank you for letting us tag along!


Nic said...

ich glaube, so etwas nennt man glück... ihr glücklichen... :o)

glg, nic

mooi hoor... said...

Ja Nic, da hast du recht. So fühle ich mich auch. Hoffentlich kommt es immer wieder ;)

Diba said...

Ich glaube, es ist immer da.
Es ist nur sehr schüchtern.
Und wenn man den richtigen Augenblick entspannt genießen kann,
hüpft es dir ins Herz, (oder Nest?)

Toller Tag,