7 June 2007

a lunchbag with a little extra

A finished lunchbag a happy child and a satisfied mum. Sounds like a good crafting day. All the more because this lunchbag was a w.i.p. for quite a while.

The letters on the beads don't make sense as I didn't have much choice. I know I could have gone to the shop and buy additional ones but it wouldn't be the same. These are the (left over) beads, from the bracelet my brother wore in hospital when he was born. 34 years ago they used to make these little bracelets with the name of each baby. Nicer than the plastic bands they use today, if you ask me.
So, when the time comes that we can welcome a new niece/nephew, I'll take the beads off and think real hard of a nice way to "package" them and pass them on...


Fledgling said...

Hello Diana!

"Oh ... What a bag!" This is so very precious.

The letters DO in fact mean something. Something special. I'll look forward to seeing where they go next.


Mimi said...

I Love this lunch bag, it's just too cute.