21 June 2007

"Let's make a picture...

...of you in your new dress."

"Yeah, yeah picture, picture!"

Aargh...too late: I should have kept my big mouth shut, because "making a picture" to my youngest means: Start jumping up and down like crazy and run as fast as possible TOWARDS the camera to be able to SEE the picture that has not been actually made yet (...they grow up in the digital era, don't they?).

Actually, the whole procedure is fun. It takes a while but it's fun and the results turn out better than any real posing could ever bring, given that we are both total amateurs when it comes to photography and modelling.

So here she is, in her own Vida. She loves it. Mission completed ;)

Oh...no worries, that pin had been replaced with a blind button closure beforehand.


Fledgling said...

Hi Diana!

I love the first picture! Your dress passes the jumping-around-I'm-a-kid-and-I-don't-hold-still-very-long test very well!

Excellent fabric choices for a lovely, lively one.

;-) -N.

Nic said...

i love the first picture most. ;o)

btw... a lovely summer dress! SUMMER???

glg, nic