19 June 2007

I see, I see

Looking at this batch of fabric hanging out to dry, I "recognised" the Vida dress my youngest so desperately wants after seeing her big sister in one. You take a guess which fabrics I used ;))

As making the first dress was fun, I was more than happy to have an excuse for the next one. Now that it is almost finished, I realize that I (unconsciously) picked the colours and fabric combinations which fit the difference in temperament and character of my girls.

Also a new bag has to be made (a gift), for which I picked up some red and white fabric that I want to use. Presently it still comes in the shape of a sturdy 70-ies style apron. I couldn't supress a smile reading it's tag: "Immerschlank" ("Everslim").

It just sounds so old fashioned, and well...funny. Sure, there's no need to look clumsy in a apron-dress, or to wear just plain white ones. But personally, I wouldn't expect this apron to achieve an "Everslim" effect and to be honest: I wouldn't care too much either ;)

In the mean time...whoever used to wear it: thanks for keeping it in such a good state. I'll be careful with it and not let it go to waste...


Fledgling said...

So, from the first dress I'm guessing that your elder daughter is sentimental, introspective, creative, imaginative, intellectual, poetic ... The younger one MUST then be a spitfire: A singer, dancer, tantrum-thrower, painter ...

If that is the case, my guess is you chose pure primaries and attention-grabbing tertiaries: The yellow (5th from top) and blue (8th) calicos and threw in some of the gingham to mix it up a bit.

Have fun!


mooi hoor... said...

Nancy you are góóóóód (of course)!

The yellow one is in, there's a bit of gingham (vichy) and I thought long and hard about the blue but it just wasn't right (which is difficult to see on the picture). So I picked red as the combination colour. It's going to be..ehhh...BRIGHT! But I'm sure Annemarie will carry it off with her blond hair and her "freches Früchtchen" attitude ;)