28 June 2007

Goodbye...and hello.

It's been almost 10 years. Ten years of love and hate, of give and take.

Now I'm ready to leave the "corporate world".

No more changing for the sake of changing so we run around in circles. No more cost-cutting-as-it's-end-of-year (so we look good to our stock holders and the financial world). Best of all: no more online helpdesks in case you have questions about: your pc, your phone, your stock options, your career development and training, any other HR related question, your office supplies, your address change, where (the hell) they moved your desk to and the amount of holidays you have left.

I didn't want to work in a company anymore where depersonalization is the norm. All support staff has been reduced to an online address and everybody works in a virtual team: sounds sooo modern, is crap and unefficient. And demotivating.

Was it all bad than? No, of course not. Exciting projects? Yes. Fun parties? Oh yes!. Nice colleagues? Lovely and professional. Excellent maternity leave and part time job arrangements? Definitely.

I already said it at the beginning of this post: love and hate, give and take. Like most jobs and most employers. I do not regret the time I worked for this company, I learned many, many things and it all enabled me to grow professionally and personally. But now it's time to leave and I am happy that I can. A new challenge is waiting for me - almost at the other end of the spectrum. Instead of the IT-world it's going to be crafting, creativity, customers. Instead of big (as in HUGE) it's going to be small (as in TINY).

I'll dive into it with an energy and motivation which I haven't felt for a while when it came to working. Will it be easy? No. Will it be fun? Not always. Will I enjoy myself, explore, listen and learn, learn, learn? You bet! Let's go!


shula said...


Fledgling said...

"Herr Meyers! Was macht die Frau Mooihoor da?"

"Es sieht aus als ob ... Ja, sie spielt Playmobil vorm Haupteingang."


"Richtig. Das ist eindeutig Playmobil. Figur SKU-Nr. 6574 aus dem Flughafen-Satz Art.-Nr. 1229847-D, Sonderserie Weihnachten 2001."

"Herr Meyers, die Kündigung ist alles unterschrieben, richtig? Kann nicht rückgängig irgendwie gemacht werden? Gott sei dank."

Congratulations on your decision! I wish you many new adventures, moments of discovery and much, much joy!


Nic said...

es fühlt sich GUT an?
dann ist es RICHTIG!

ich wünsch dir das beste! :o)

glg, nic

mooi hoor... said...

Girls, thank you for your sweet comments.
Nancy, you should have seen me in front of that entrance (well...say 20 metres away from it. I didn't want to be too obvious about it) On my knees, trying to focus my camera on that playmobil doll, my nose almost touching the pavement.
Sometimes its just good you can't see yourself...

Anne said...

Sehr gute Entscheidung! So ähnlich habe ich es Anfang des Jahres gemacht, und ich sage Dir, es fühlt sich wunderbar an!

Liebe Grüße,

belleandboo said...

I love those photos!