4 June 2007

....and part 2

So, my Vida is not as loca as some of the other ones you'll run into out there. That's probably because I'm such a modest and shy person (do I hear some smirking and suppressed giggles?).

Have you seen Diba's excursion into the spanish way of living yet? T├╝ddelissima! Or, on a more tender note: Paulap├╝'s flower garden in full bloom... We all have our own style. And that's the secret of Vida: One dress, a thousand looks.

Now to be honest, in general I'm no friend of patterns. There's always something I want to change. And then to make it work, I need to change more. Then it still doesn't fit, then I need to start again. Fabric goes to waste. Cutting and sewing gets impatient. Mistakes are made. Projects get abandoned.
I should really do it all myself, if I'm such a know-it-all. But that's the problem: I DON'T know it all. That's why I normally stick to bags. They are way easier.
Well...uhm.. OK then, here's what I'll do: I'll stick to bags AND my Vida pattern...;))

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belleandboo said...

That is such a pretty, pretty dress