21 May 2007


OK Nancy - you asked for it. Seven things about me. Tidbits that would preferably entertain y'all, possibly interest you and in the end, probably will have you thinking... GOD, I am GLAD I'm NOT her.

1. I can stay under water for 1,5 minutes (not that it has ever been of any use).

2. I love fish (there must be a connection with #1 somewhere).

3. I have great legs. Really. My nose is too big though and my hair...my hair... well, it's there. That's about all I can say about my hair.

4. I am a food snob and a literature snob. I'm a snob. I frequently scold myself for being a snob. I feel being a snob is at best shallow and at worst cynical. SO: I am working on leaving snobbery behind me. Snobbery go!

5. My biggest fear is that something will happen to my kids. No biggest joy(s) in this list. It would get too long.

6. I play three instruments. All of them mediocre. Despite years of practicing.

7. At different stages of my life I wanted to be a singer (blues, man, only blues), actress (effortlessly switching between stage and film, of course), writer, very succesful business manager (just managing stuff, you know), a farmer (what I actually envisioned farming was always a bit vague), a hotel/restaurant owner (the tiny, cute, exclusive kind), a carpenter, a rich wife (in New York), a world traveler, a professional athlete, a journalist, an animal keeper in the Zoo (Really! And I wasn't 6 at the time either), an interior designer (The "Sorry, I only do "Cote d'Azur", Spanish mansions and Palladio" kind of horrible, horrible person).

Name ANY cliché, I've been there. But it has been nice to explore different worlds and indulge in a dream or two. Currently I'm at the stage that I'm happy to be me. That's pretty good I think. So, I'm ready to beat any lurking midlife crisis.

Enough about me - now I'm going out there to tag some people. Gna, gna, gna.


Fledgling said...

AM I glad I'm not YOU! Wait, I think I am you. Most of those things actually apply. Except the great legs part. But this is the Internet, so sure, um, yeah, I've got great gams, too, yeah, that's the ticket ... But that list of professional ambitions about hits it on the head, however, I never pursued them fully, because I didn't have the legs for it. I've got enormous lung capacity (it's been tested!). Snob? Yes, in all things, except my snark is worse than my smite.

Ergo: I think you are übercool and divine!

;-) N.

Diba said...

Nothing else to say.

What a great 7-point-striptease.

Now I feel naked, too.


Little-Z said...

Ojee, die had ik niet gezien... nou ja, bij deze verklaar ik het estafettestokje voor '(meer dan*)voldaan aan de opdracht' :)

* lol, wat een briljant verhaal!

Groetjes en bedankt voor het compliment!