10 May 2007

I wish...

...I could just get 'round to MAKE things more often! I just look at the stunning crafting the women on my link list do and I go: Me too!Me too! Me too! (even if I would just reach one third of their produce and skill I'd be happy).

So I think: what's happening? WHY don't I get anywhere near putting my ideas into practice? I think the pictures (or should I say snapshots) I took since I started blogging tell me a lot. There's three groups:

1: Move.
Size: 18 pics.
Characteristic: Capture inspiration. My theory here is: No movement no inspiration.
In general it seems I moved a lot over the last couple of years. Move between countries, move house, move from single to wife to mother, move from student to employee. I got moved a couple of times as well, in many ways (thank you my sweet little girls, thank you Jeanie, thank you Erik and Olev, thanks of course to my dearest husband. I also have to thank some perfect strangers, opening my eyes to wonderful and sometimes horrible worlds). Such amount of inspiration I received!

2: Reflect.
Size: 7 pics.
Charasteristic: Bring the outside in. In your house, in your heart. Make it yours and give it a place. This is where ideas take shape. Much time is needed but I love this part.

Group 3: Make!
Size: 6.
Characteristics: Expression and energy. The smallest group unfortunately. Is it the energy? The expression? The skill needed to give my ideas a shape? Hmmm...maybe I just move too much...and whenever I'm not moving I reflect and sleep. Could be.

OK, let's try this: every evening before falling asleep and every morning at waking up I will slowly repeat: I'll move less and make more ;)

Oh boy, and I just quit my job to start a new thing...sounds like I'm moving again...Anybody any tips for me???


Fledgling said...

Well, there's always leaving your life and worldly possessions behind to lead a perfect life aesthetic up on a secluded mountain ... Or maybe it more mindset than actual productivity. I think, a creative mind (be that mind mundane or sublime) is constantly restless, constantly creating, picking up visual, sonic and tactile ideas and clues EVERYWHERE, often and mostly in the most unlikely places and ways (this morning, it was the way the omlette folded that got me thinking and don't get me started on tire rims!). I had a professor once upon a time and she discussed writer's block. She told us writer's block was really just the subconscious taking over the project. When the conscious mind was ready to pick up where the subconscious mind left off, it would.

Most everybody, even those with fewer and more obligations, say they are pressed for time. We all have 24 hours a day. It can be a conscious decision, I think, to file away tiny bits from making breakfast or sorting the receipts into ideas for something else. And where kids are around, you have an excellent excuse to actually execute some project, only if it is a sand castle. Or something else.


Mihaly Csikzentmihalyi explains it better than me ;-)



Fledgling said...

Okay, Diana, you've been tagged!

(sorry ...)

Just for fun: Seven facts about yourself and then tag seven other bloggers to do the same.

Go fledge for more info ;-)

Have a GREAT day! -N.