10 April 2007

Yes, we're...

back after a couple of days in the mountains (hope you're not disapponted Nancy - we didn't make it south of Bolzano this time, so some people might even question we were in Italy at all).

Crisp sunny days, the smell of pine woods, the search for the first wild flowers of the year, some hiking, sunkissed children & parents and good solid tirolian food & wine on the terrace-with-a-view. It was great.

Oh...and the Easter bunny was there as well and left some kitschy, chocolate filled eggs:

All of this was inspiring, so since our return yesterday I already managed to run to the shop and get the last bits and pieces in (ribbons of course...what would I do without them) for my next handbag-project.

So, I better get going as this one has a deadline. Oh...before I forget - on my way to the ribbons this afternoon, I came across an example of blindingly crazy kitsch. I will post it soon.

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inge said...

ironisch- ik ben dus uit munchen en woon in NL. So good to see the mountains.