16 April 2007

Van oude mensen en dingen die voorbij gaan.

...of old people and things that pass. The title of a book from one of Holland's classic writers: Louis Couperus. It immediately came to my mind when I saw the beautiful photography of Bert Teunissen.

I read an article about him and his work in a newspaper and had to check out his web page immediately. His series Domestic Landscapes, taken in Europe and Japan, touches me deeply.

Each photo is indeed a landscape. The rooms (mostly kitchens) are landscapes, the faces of the people are too and often the way they are seated as well. There is poverty, loneliness, many traces of a long life of hard (farmer's) work. There is also pride, a sense of belonging, signs of intamable joy of life, beauty and strong will. These images are living history, yet they will never become outdated.

Here are some of my favorites: one from Spain and another one. Or this shopkeeper from Belgium. The couple in Holland, the woman alone in France, or the very dignified japanese lady.

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