11 April 2007

Thoughts about kitsch and a promised picture

I promised to post a picture of seriously kitschy kitsch yesterday. So here it is:

In fact, I think I'm smuggling a bit with our Kitsch-O-Mania rules here. The shop selling this stuff is a well-known Center of Kitsch in Munich, located in a tube-station. So it's a bit too easy - but still: I couldn't resist. Look at the fire place (shudder) or the lamp stand (squeek).

Initially I wanted to post another one. From the same shop, but then I thought: No. This is too much. The object in case was a giant, pink, plastic, see through Buddha lamp. Enlightened, so to say. Somehow the tendency to turn all kind of religious symbols (the cross is a popular one as well) into objects PURELY meant as (more or less) shallow decoration is just a bit too much for me. As long as it's pretty to look at: Why not. People should be able to decorate their homes and gardens as they like. There's already enough rules. But when giant, pink, plastic Buddha lamps are being thrown on the market, I say stop. Enough is enough. I will personally boycot this lamp by not posting a picture of it and I will never ever mention it again ;)

PS: No worries: I'm not trying to be holier than the pope here, I probably just had an overdose of Deco-Buddhas. I will now quietly sit in a corner and wait until it passes again.


Dutch Girl said...

Ik hoe van kitsch! Dag Mooi Hoor! Bendankt voor de "comments" en mein Blog! Tot straks!

Fledgling said...

But, you know, from outside, looking through the window, it looks kind of cozy in there.

There's a "Center of Kitsch"? Who wouldda guessed?


Diba said...

Are you still sitting in the corner?
... ;op