4 April 2007

Packing for our easter break

Done some quick, last minute shopping today before our Easter break.

Let's hope the weather will be good in Italy, otherwise the top will have to stay in the suitcase. The book will definitely come out, that much is clear...(by the way: the t-shirt belongs to the big sister. That explains the oversized look).

Have a wonderful, happy Easter!

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Fledgling said...

Jack is home from school with a fever today. I picked up a $5.00 DVD for him to watch. It takes place in Venice. Oh, to be headed off to Italy!

Curvy roads, Vespas, Gelato, Coccinella, cyprus trees, golden hills, busy streets, marble sidewalks, stone walls, plastic bead curtains across the door, black-clad old ladies, rosemary flatbread, that cheese, ringing bell towers, cinghali sausage, grand plazas, teenagers walking bella figura, cathedrals with shrines and offerings, the warm pink of Italian mornings and the soft yellow of Italian evenings ... that and so much more I wish you!

Post pics!