19 April 2007

On my way to work...

I have two jobs. Not because I have to but because I want to.
My main job is the one I have with my long time employer (I think 10 years is a long time). After my maternity leave(s), I returned part time, doing things I won't bore you with. To say this much: It has to do with IT and project management. Very glamorous.

My second job however is reserved for Thursdays. Thursday is basically my day off. But as I don't have enough to do (sarcasm), I decided it would be fun to spend Thurdays restoring furniture. So that's what I do: every Thursday I go to a nice woodworking shop, not far from where I live, where Albert and Frau von Petz try to limit the damage while clumsy me hits on a fragile picture frame or throws herself at a Biedermeier Commode. It's fun and relaxing. Thursday is still my day off.

I just walk or bike instead of taking the car. I take my breakfast away from a coffeeshop instead of the canteen. I work with my head ánd my hands instead of staring at a laptop screen mumbling words like "business requirement document", "ROI" and "functional spec".

While I'm walking, I enjoy the sunny spring mornings we currently have and I keep seeing things which increase my already good mood. Or maybe I see them because I AM in a good mood. Anyway: today I decided to take my camera and show you the way I get to my work. On Thursdays, that is.

A toystore where I often linger in front of the window...

It's magnolia time on the Nymphenburger Strasse
I wish you all a beautiful day, whatever you (need to) do. Just take that (inner) camera with you!

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Fledgling said...

That is real ROI: Taking time and your mind to different places.

So, now, tell me what to do with these chairs ...