1 April 2007

Kom mee naar buiten allemaal...!

First line of an old Dutch spring song. We followed its advice and drove out to Lake Starnberg today to get some fresh air. I did my best but found no trace of Kitsch whatsoever, so I won't be able to outdo Nic's pink poodle (but I'm keeping my eyes open!). Instead here's some pictures of "Bernried" and surroundings.

"Sittin' on the dock of the bay - wasting time."

...not even a keyhole to peep through...

These look grumpy. Ents don't really exist do they?


Diba said...

Come on!
Let´s waste time with sun, sea and blog-watching...!!!
(Or whale-watching???)

Thinking about the right way to waste time...

& smile,


Fledgling said...

Yeah, Ents are probably real. I would like to hope so.

Diba, I've got it all here: Even the whales. Maybe some Ents. And cheap buttons. Coming?

So, Diana, what does "mooi hoor" mean. "Mooi" means "pretty" or "cute". That much I know. So does "mooi hoor" mean this? ;-)


All the best, Nancy