4 April 2007

hi, it's me with my pouches again...

OK, so these came out a bit better. There's still bits and pieces that can be improved but they're good enough to show them here, I think. In all cases it was fun making them (apart from the part where I had to sew together 5 layers (piping included) - I hate that). Still need to add zippers but that's for after Easter.

In the mean time the next piece is already waiting - it involves some recycling and it's an me-project. A girl needs a bag to match an outfit right? My brother in law is going to get married with a lovely peruvian lady in May so that's reason enough for an outfit AND a bag I'd say. Let's see how it turns out and if it passes all the tests:
a) Do I want to be seen with this bag outside the house?
b) Does my husband want to be seen with me, while I carry this bag?
c) Does anybody spontaneously (and non-ironically) tell me: "nice bag, you've got!".


Nic said...

1) definitely YES, i take the left one

2) no, my husband is used ro it...

3) i do!

did i say, i'd take the left one...? ;o)

mooi hoor... said...


I'll send you the green one - just wait for me to get the zipper done. The pouches are small but multifunctional: approx 20 cm x 13 cm.