15 April 2007

Furniture favorites

For someone who describes herself in her "about me" section as "having a weakness for furniture design ", I must admit we actually own next to nothing when it comes to design classics. From Aalto to Thonet, From Biedermeier to Bauhaus. They're only there in two-dimensional shape: in the tons of books and magazines I have spend my money on over the years. This means there was nothing left to buy a beautiful piece from "Piet Hein Eek" or a fine art deco side table. That's what you get from lack of discipline.

In reality our appartment is filled with stuff that at its best can be described as "ecclectic" and at worst as a "pile o' rubbish". Many different styles, many different era's (no really, really old pieces unfortunately). Ikea is there, as is a handmade venetian chandelier. Modern kitchen next to the dining room I inherited from my much loved grandmother. Its chairs upholstered in somewhat motty, oxblood velvet. I'll keep it that way for the time being.

But still: most of it was carefully selected, a welcome gift and sometimes a lucky find and there are some pieces I'm very fond of. Like my kubist glass side tables. They survived two little permanent residents and many visiting ones (cross fingers here). Or the childrens chair we bought for our eldest one at IKEA. Not to forget our wedding present for which we drove to Murano and spend a long weekend shopping for chandeliers (and that's tiring believe me).

I'd love to see and read about your favorites (Nancy: show us your italian chairs!) and, yes, all of you out there: your favorites AND your "rubbish" as well! Bring it on!

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Fledgling said...

I took a double take! Gotta love those IKEA chrome shelves. Easy to move, need little to no dusting ... I have several of those standing testament to my semi-Bohemian student days with many of the same binders. I thought by now I'd be all grown up and only have USM Haller. Alas, older but not richer.

That lamp is a dream. Eclectic pieces are always perfect in Jugenstil buildings.

My chairs? Hidden under the trashed surf boards, mystery boxes and kid junk? That may be a little more truth than a blog can stomach. What the heck. A little foreshortened photography and suddenly it's art.

Interesting new thread. I'm up for it.