20 April 2007

Do you play...

with your childrens toys when they are not around or when they have already moved on to the next game?
If your answer is yes: Then you might have a Peter-Pan trauma. I know I have a severe case.

My favorites are (not necessarily in this order) :

1. Ministek . As 4 and 2 years old my kids are a bit too small for the real thing. But I already got the beginners bits in.
By the way: there are plenty of Ministek sets that would score high in the kitsch department...

2. Cuboro: the most amazing marbletrack. 1001 variations. It's pricey but something your grand-grand-children are going to inherit and still feel they got something cool.

3. A flea market set of wooden animals. We all love them. Especially me ;)

4. Rearranging the furniture in the doll's house the way I like it. My two years old normally piles all the stuff up in one of the rooms, leaving the rest bare. Not cosy.

5. Play Doh (I'm ashamed to admit) : when the kids move on to something else, ALL the Play Doh is FINALLY mine! Favorite pieces are colourful cakes which, in the end, all get smashed by my fist (hmm...I might need to consult a psychologist on this one).

OK, I need to get back to my Cuboro-track now ;) Have a nice weekend!

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Diba said...


Warte noch ein paar Jahre mit der professionellen Psychoanalyse.
Es wird nicht besser...
Let´s talk about...

Minilük - isch liebe diese bunten Muster auf der Rückseite...

SammelCDs - TKKG, 5 Freunde und der ganze Verein - Ich bin Synchronsprecherin Nr. 2 in unserer Familie

Berg-Kettkars - Ich geb´s erst wieder ab, wenn die Tränen rollen...;o)

Noch mehr Futter für den Seelenklemptner?
Oder doch nur Spaß am Spiel?