16 March 2007

Spring...part two

To follow up on the good intentions I have with our loggia, I thought I'd try out a "quick win" first. So here's our colourful table....extra benefit: no dramatic impact in case watering the plants slips my mind...

I love the crispiness of tulips and the endless variety of colours you can get them in...These ones are not home-grown (still too early for them) but make themselves good in those little buckets I had standing around doing nothing.

In the mean time my sewing is not progressing as fast as I would like. The weather is just too nice. I also decided that the drawstring bag mentioned in my first post had to have a bigger sister, so I hope to be able to show them here as a duo-pack in the next couple of days. Theme will be: Red, White and Blue (to get away from all the pink ;)

Bye for now!

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