26 March 2007

So...what's up with Ken, you ask...

Well...what's up with him then?

I just don't know why EVERYBODY keeps asking me this. How should I know? Bother George Michael, or Elton John, for all I care.
Phew!...sorry 'bout this. I mean, things are so totally OVER and OUT between Ken and me. It's ages ago, and we're in the entertainment business. Life goes on.

Anyway: they say they're working on a real hunk now in the Mattel labs. Rumours go my new one is going to be modelled to Justin Timberfaldera. Can you imagine: Justin T.!!!! Why on earth doesn't ANYBODY ask me, the future GIRLFRIEND, what she likes?

This whole topic makes my hair curl. I should leave it, I really should. The media are only going to run away with it in the end. Mattel is having it's free press and me, I'm the silly one. Going on holiday with Justin T. in my pink mobile home.

But I tell you somethin'. Not this time - I won't have it. I'm going for the real stuff. I'll get myself Robbie-bad-ass-Williams, that's what I'll do. And tout-le-monde will go Ooh! and Aah! And I'll be as kitsch-free as they come. And I'll be looking gorgeous. And Wild. I'll be a Rock Chick and I just won't BOTHER taking off my mascara before I fall asleep in some lounge chair in a first class Hotel. That's what's goin' to happen.

Good. Bye.

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