28 March 2007

OK, it's safe now...she's gone!

Well, now that Barbie has gone off to Brazil this blog is mine again.

As she announced in her last post that she wanted to be Kitsch-free, her sponsorship of the "Kitsch-O-Mania" collection on Flickr is a bit shaky. However: we're still there, slowly starting to show our beloved/hated kitschy objects and of course, still very curious about all of your items...

Today I got visitors on our loggia scoring very, very high in the kitsch department. We (that is: the girls in the house) all love them, so they're bound to stay. At least for a while - until dad accidentally drops them (he already announced something in that style).

On top of that, it was time to for us to drink our tea out of a birthday gift my oldest got a couple of months ago. The teapot in question comes with some indispensable extra's like the sound of boiling water, the pouring of tea (or so it seems) or a little electronic dancing tune.

Of course the plastic muffins were rapidly replaced by a more tasty snack rich on chocolate, which we then enjoyed outside in the sun.

OK, enough kitsch for today (and the rest of the week as well I'd say). I'm returning to my pouch-that-tries-to-remain-unfinished.


Fledgling said...

Brazil? I don't believe it for a minute. I think Barbie's still holding a torch for Ken.

Oooo...faux rodents with big eyes. I understand completely!

Looks like Spring is springing on the loggia! Must go finish a little dress that would be perfect for such a tea party.

Oodles of toodles, Nancy

Diba said...

And the Juice?!!

For a HAPPY DAY ???

Don´t forget that perfekt juice.

Now it´s time to sew some kischy summer-dresses, isn´t it?

Ahh, Nancy!
Feel free and steal my favorite strawberry-tuolume-idea.
You are welcome...
Should I give you any further Froschküsser-Inspirations?
What a wonderful kitschy girl-princess-dress...

Beach for all!


mooi hoor... said...

Hi ha, Diba, wieder zurück? Hoffentlich war der Urlaub schön!?

Ja, das mit dem "Happy Day"-Saft sah ich erst nachdem ich gepostet habe. Passt wunderbar, nichtwahr?

Bis bald,