20 March 2007

nostalgic intermezzo...

Checking out the kids clothes for summer is a good excuse to look at some favorite pieces again and therefore an ideal pass-time on a snowy morning in March. This picture actually combines two of those favorites:

- The dress. Worn by my oldest at her christening (she was 1 at that time). A real "one off" as I sew it entirely by hand...and that for a rather impatient person like me! I'm still proud of it ;)
- The wardrobe. Took it over from my dear friend Jeanie when she went to Australia. Jeanie, when you read this: your wardrobe is red now, and a beloved, much used piece in our childrens room.

As I type, I'm looking at the material for my next (small) project: a pouch bag - I'm tempted to start it rightaway as I already cut out some nice applications but an early night would do me good, so it will have to wait until tomorrow. I wish you all a good night or a bright, easy going day!


Diba said...

What a cute little princess-dress.
And it´s to small yet?
What a pitty!!

Perhaps you should order a second little princess to wear it? ;o)


Greetings from


mooi hoor... said...

haha diba,
die zweite Prinzessin wurde auch schon geliefert (vor zwei Jahre), aber die hat das Taufkleid Ihrer Urgrossmutter getragen. Ist ja auch eine feine Sache ;), da kann mein Teil doch nich mithalten...

Und ja, cremefarbener, mit Seide gefutterter Wolle ist dann doch nicht alltagstauglich...oder sehe ich das jetzt zu eng?

Sonst ist bei uns auch eher Klettertaugliche Kleidung mit mehr Farbe angesagt...da haben die Damen schon ganz eigene Vorstellungen ;).


Fledgling said...

Hello Diana,

I thought I would come and visit my kitsch-buddy. Nope: Don't believe for a minute that there is much Hello Kitty or Barbie lurking around those beautiful corners of your world.

Hey, Diba's here. Peace, Diba :*

Good luck with your blog: Maybe we can keep each other going.

All the very best, Nancy