19 March 2007

Drawstring bags

Here is the Dutch Drawstring Duo.

The smaller one on the left is "Zeeuws Meisje". Modest from the outside (made from a former blouse) but with a bright red interior. I'll use her as the keeper of my small but ever growing button collection.

"Aaltje" on the right is a flower girl. Tulips...of course (the real reason I chose them is because they are a bit easier to handle for an application beginner like me ;). Destination: unknown at this stage, but as I am always short on storage, I'm sure that will change soon enough.

In the mean time I'm desperately waiting for my overseas fabric order. Should arrive any day now - some nice Amy Butler and Heather Bailey goodies. To shorten the time I went through my stash today and now a nice set of colours is waiting for me...

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