24 March 2007

Barbie blogs!

Hi, it's me:

So now I'm guestblogging. They told me it's like telling something about yourself on the internet. I can do that. It's sooo nice of you to ask me as well. Thanks a million.

So, girls...listen: somethin's cooking. I'm going to make this short as I'm busy,busy,busy. Still on promo-tour in Russia for my film series the "Dancing Princesses". Then it'll whisk me off to Brazil for the launch of my new beach collection. I'm soooo excited about that.

But here's the news. A contest is in the making. Something about Kitsj (Kidj?, Kissj?). Sounds like FUN to me and you know I just luuuuv contests, as I almost ALWAYS win them. Just by being moi-self. Ain't that great?

Anyways, this time I'll be in Brazil so that'll give all of YOU girls a fair chance. Go and have a look. I'll tune in, in a couple of weeks, unless they'll ask me to preside the judge - hmm...maybe I should ask my darling friend Britney as well. She knows all there is to know about this kind of thing. Barbara Cartland isn't amongst us anymore is she? Or maybe someone can try at Mme. Tussaud's? She'd be really good as well...

OK: Gotta run now. Kisses!

PS: Oh yeah, don't forget "Barbie Beach" will be in shops around the globe in May. It’s going to be totally wearable by everybody. It's very stretchy. And decent. I'm sure you'll love it!

Byeee. Your Beebee.

1 comment:

Fledgling said...

Barbie, Oh My Gaaaaawwwwd!! How did you get out of El Segundo and make it to Bavaria? You DO get around. Are you avoiding the press since the rumors of Ken's lack of, um, "manliness"? It's okay, Barb, we're here for you. Ken is NOBODY without you. You can do MUCH better. There's a whole aisle of action figures that have been waiting for you to drop that pretty boy.

Diana: You ARE playing your A-game. Bring it on! LOLLLLLL! I've been thinking about Barbie. I get her. I get that my five-year-old gets her. But if I ever run into the engineer designed half that stuff, I'll sure give him a piece of my mind on the quality. (Well, actually, the chief Barbie engineer lives up the street, and, no, I've never complained).

But really: What's up with Ken?

Take care, Diana. I've got to go link this.

Peace out, Barb.