30 March 2007

Back to basics.

So...forget the pouch-bag. I ruined it. I'll come back to it later as I haven't given up on it yet. It's not that complex either, but I guess it just wasn't pouch-bag-time and I probably was too sloppy with it from the start.

So, the alternative is this small childrens bag. Same colours, made with the beach in mind.

...and now it's going to find its way to small Yorio in Paris.

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Fledgling said...

Bags are great for children. I love to see what my little one "needs" to take on our excursions to the store. Like any lady's purse, her contents are very interesting. Shall we peek? A calculator, blue sunglasses, a plastic squirrel, a book of stickers, a seashell, bubbles for blowing, a pine cone, two little cars, a ball of aluminum foil and hair doo-dads. Well, if you add a few credit cards and the camera, that could be my purse as well.

Anyway, I thought I would stop by. We started blogging about the same time. Two new kids on the block ;-)

Have a great weekend. -N.