27 July 2012


I wrote, and rewrote the first line of what's going to be my last post here.

But there is no other way to say it: After 5 years it's time to stop. Postings have become more sparse over time, and blogging turned into something lurking in the background. Something dangling at the bottom of my to-do list. Not good. Not what it's meant to be for me personally anyway.

I feel like spending less hours behind my computer these days, and more outside, or getting things done for our brick and mortar shop, and for my online Ribbons store. I also feel stuck with the whole blogging thing. The drive and direction are gone. It's not easy to put my little blog to rest, but I think I need to say goodbye.

I'll still be roaming about, reading my favorite blogs, and say hi to you all in the comments sections now and then.

Thank you all so much for reading, commenting my ramblings, sending me encouraging words, and sometimes even surprise gifts. Thanks to you all!

For all bloggers amongst you: Keep having fun!

P.S.: I've posted this picture before. I think it was 3 years ago, when I wrote about our trip to Australia as a family. Thought it would fit this post as well...
P.S.2 : Specials thanks to Nic and Nancy, blog friends from the first hour. You're both special to me, and you made me feel part of an open, creative and positive community right away. And I don't care if that sounds sentimental to anyone out there. For me it's true. You are great. XX


24 July 2012

and now for something totally different...

Short "feel good" video

The small boy and his mom are so sweet ("David Beckham, aye").

6 July 2012

Chain reaction

Finally I hung the Suzani I bought two years ago in Amsterdam (in this shop). It has a wonderful, classic palm pattern in light colours. (The picture below doesn't do it justice, as it was taken on a late winter afternoon.) This hand embroidery never ceases to amaze me: The wall hanging has more than 2.00 x 1.80 metres! Imagine the hours of work that went into that...

Once a piece like that is up, you always need new pillow covers. It's a rule.

As I didn't want to go shopping for hours, or spend a lot of money, I turned to my pile of Tulu samples. Love Tulu. Elizabeth Hewitt designs beautiful blockprints on natural fibres. All in all a perfect fit. Here's the work in progress...

Aim is to finish the pillows this weekend, clear out the sleeping sofa (which I'm currently always using as interim storage for my craft projects), and make my study/our guest room presentable again. Wish me luck ;)